Benefits of Sensory Play

Sensory play is a buzzword in the education world these days, and for many good reasons! Children and adults alike learn best and retain the most information when the senses are engaged.

Think with me—many of our favourite memories are associated with at least one of our senses: for instance, the smell of your grandma's cookies baking while you put together a puzzle, or a song you memorized around a campfire with your best friend. When scent and sound are associated together, your brain triggers a flashback memory to those special times.

It has been proven that learning that engages as many of the  five senses as possible increases the likelihood that concepts learned will “stick”. It is crucial for brain development, cognitive reasoning, understanding of cause-and-effect, fine motor skills, and much more. It’s no wonder that sensory play is highly acclaimed by therapists and teachers worldwide!

Earn an hour of quiet time while your children engage with something that promotes learning and creativity while stimulating their imagination. As your children explore the scents, textures, and small-world play our kits offer, brew yourself that cup of coffee or tea you’ve been waiting for, or maybe instead, scoot up a chair alongside them and discover why playdough is such a timeless activity for children as well as the young at heart. 

The Five Senses Targeted in Our Kits

Taste – Though our playdough is not meant for consumption, it is food safe and will not harm your child if tasted. 

Touch – Squishy dough; wood; cloth; stone; shapes; animals. These kits beg your child’s hands to get involved and explore.

Smell – From the fruity and sweet scents that spell childhood, to the soothing calm of essential oils known to calm and promote creativity and awareness, these scents are just one more tool to cement these experiences deep into your child’s brain and memory. 

Sight – When colours correspond with the scents you frequently encounter in everyday life, more nerve pathways are formed. A sun-ripened mango, sunshiny lemon sourness, or the soothing aromas of lavender. Which will become your favourite?

Hearing – When reading accompanies sensory play, spoken words and concepts lodge themselves even deeper into your child’s memory. Try grabbing a book corresponding to your kit's theme, and watch your child’s understanding and experience become even richer. 


Sensory Playdough Kits