About Us

Sensory Play

I'm Andrea, wife to Joel and mommy to four little people. I'm originally from an upper midwest farming community in the U.S. but moved to Manitoba, Canada in 2011 when I married my husband. Calling both the U.S. and Canada "home" gives me so much pleasure!⁠

We live in a rural town about an hour outside of Winnipeg, and we are family entrepreneurs at heart. We love running our online health food store that currently ships nationwide and are constantly looking for ways to involve our kids more in business and living life together. 

Though I LOVE and thrive off of our entrepreneurship endeavours, my greatest joy finds its place in being deeply invested in the education and growth of my children. Though I've been involved in early childhood education in some form or another for the majority of my life, now that I have my own kids, that enjoyment and fascination is exponentially deeper. My delight in seeing sensory play impact my kids' lives and education is what inspired "Doughnique."

We hope that as you explore our curated, open-ended-play kits⁠, you will discover how much delight there is in watching your child's world open up with the aid of educational toys. 

Open Ended Toys