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Knights and Dragons Mini Playdough Sensory Kit

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No battle is too fierce for these knights! No treasure unconquerable!  Let your child's inner hero come alive as they create a true-to-life small world or story scene. Open-ended play is the perfect way to build creativity!

This kit includes:

  • 5-oz jar of handcrafted, scented playdough
  • 1 treasure-filled chest
  • 4 Safari Ltd figurines
  • Assorted accessories - rocks, gems, glitter balls etc.

Special Instructions:

  • Store your playdough in a cool, dark place and play with clean hands to ensure long-lasting dough.
  • If the playdough starts to form salt crystals or dry out, simply knead in a few drops of water or vegetable oil. 
  • Play with often for the softest, longest-lasting dough!

Kits may vary slightly in colour and selection and may not always exactly match the picture. 

Due to choking hazard, this kit is not advised for children under 3 years old.